Kristen Ashley

Hi! I'm a visual artist living and working in beautiful Athens, Ga. My shops (Downtown & Online) are set to open November 1st, 2014. More info at:

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Hey Everybody, I need your advice on my #shop’s official name and what I should say on my #sign out front. FYI my official business name is “Kristen Ashley Artist, LLC” and my website/social media presence is @kaartist. We’re making/selling: art. paper goods. glassware. art supplies. plus, #gallery and cool #design workshop (at Kristen Ashley Artist Shop)


"To be focused and dedicated to doing one simple thing can perhaps be the most transformative thing."  -Artist Louise Despont

Just watched PBS’ Art 21 video with artist Louise Despont. I’d never heard of her but am thoroughly inspired by her drawing process using architectural templates and repetition. She works in a spartan studio on the floor, intensely drawing with pencils on smaller sheets of paper that she combines to make much larger patterned images.

I can relate to the obsessive process. She’s very eloquent in describing why this process touches the Universal.


Panorama mama jama.